TV broadcast compliance.
Goverment press offices.  
Customer advertisement certification.  
TV station content archiving.  
Real time TV monitoring.  
Politics analysis.  
Advertisement and media agencies.  
TV marketing analysis and more.  




Operating System Linux Fedora Core 8 provides an extreme stable & reliable platform for 24 hours non-stop operation of DVR. Rare "system hang up" or "system files damages" happens in the 24 / 7 operating environment.
No worry about virus, hacker or system security.
TVLOG provide the IP filtering for network security. Do not forget that no further maintenance cost is needed.

MySQL Server is built-in providing a more efficient data management and faster video search (both local & remote).

Multi-thread Video Handling provides smart search function resulting in simultaneous search, playback, recording and video display without delay.
TVLog is utilizing DSP encoder (one DSP per channel), and taking low resources of CPU. .

XML Interface protocol is implemented for remote playback under Windows OS platform.

True Hardware H.264 Encoding. TVLOG's "dual encoding channel technology" provides configuration for local main encoding channel and sub encoding channel for remote video. (local recording and remote video can be configured independently).

Legal Copy. TVLOG use propietary file format and encrypted MPEG4 technology. In order to maintain the integrity of the content and avoid misuse and manipulation, the "exported file" is protected.
TVLOG Watermark, TV Channel name, Date and time information may be stamped on to live and recorded video signal for customer's confidence.

Network Remote Recording Support mulit-users network audio video recording with small bandwidth requirement.

Recording Modes can be continuous 24x7 and schedule. Recording and frame rate (fps) are independet per TV Channel.

Alarms Management for audio loss, video loss and HDD defect can be setup in the TVLOG Server with sound, on-screen display and Email notifications.

No license needed for TVLog Remote Client Software.

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